Planning with the all knowing.

Ever tire yourself making plans after plans without any success? Years passing by and when you take a glance back it looks like you haven’t moved more than 2 steps ahead.

Everyday you witness friends and family members celebrating their accomplishments and living what looks similar to how you have envisioned your life and before you know it you find yourself having internal conflict that you do not even know where to start to resolve it.

I have been feeling like this for good +3 years now. Out of frustration I turned to God and I begin to realize that all these years I never cared to plan with God. I would very much plan everything in my head and begin to tackle everything from there.

How often do we quote ” Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plansProverbs 16:3? And we would very much rather plan the best way we know how to and present our plans to God there after.

We have put our trust so much in logic and feasibility that we barely exercise faith in our planning. As I am sharing this, 5 hours ago as I was planning in my head on how I am going to juggle 2 degrees simultaneously and a 9-5 job and God emphasized in my spirit what He has been talking to me about for some weeks now ” The reason why you plan and not see progress is because you always plan alone in your head”

I will be lying if I say I have dared to sit and plan with God. After an emphasis I had I knew that it’s either I start planning with Jesus or I Continue to plan in vain.

It’s time we allow God into our planning and trust Him whole heartedly that even if He directs us left we will still go left with understanding that He is all knowing God and He has the best interest for us.

I am a work in progress, we are work in progress and i pray that we continue to seek the counsel of the Holy spirit in all our planning.